Strong leaders are critical to the success of any group, especially volunteer organizations. Having the right leadership in place for your organization can make all the difference in having a successful and thriving alumni group.

So how can you encourage these great leaders to step up and help your alumni group thrive? Here are a few tips.

  • Recruit people with a passion for your school: If they aren’t already passionate about your alma mater, they’re probably not ideally suited for running an alumni organization. Consider how else they are already involved around the school community, and what sort of advocacy work they do for the school. Perhaps they’re involved in PTAs or frequently attend school events already. Maybe they’re already members of your alumni association who are regularly at your events.
  • Look for people with children at the school: Alumni who have children attending their alma mater might be even more likely to want to get involved. Not only do they have personal experience in attending the school, but they have a current stake in the health of the school community, given their children’s attendance.
  • Look for people who are well connected: People who have a large network of friends and connections around the community and the school are ideally suited for leading an alumni organization. They’re likely to get more people involved, which is important for the health of your group.
  • Add some prestige: When people apply, make sure they know there is some prestige and some benefit to taking on a leadership role. Try to add some perks that will make people more likely to want the position. 

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