The new school year is underway, and for high schools across the nation, there’s a sort of buzz as Homecoming season approaches!

Chances are your alumni association already has some great plans in place for bringing back alumni to get involved in your homecoming celebrations. Of course, not everyone is necessarily going to be able to make the journey back to their home town to participate. But that doesn’t mean they’re not interested!

Consider giving your long-distance alumni some virtual opportunities to participate and showcase their school spirit. They might not be able to make the tailgates or mixers, but they can still participate in these fun virtual ideas!

  • Spirit days: Most high schools put together spirit days for their Homecoming weeks. Consider sharing the themes for the spirit days on your social media pages and encourage alumni to get dressed up and share a photo of themselves in their spirit outfits! This is both a simple and fun way to engage your alumni.
  • Throwbacks: Encourage alumni to share throwback photos of their own high school Homecoming experiences. This can be a great way to connect the excitement of your upcoming homecoming to the past. It’s always fun to revisit old memories (and styles)!
  • Fundraising competitions: Consider putting together digital fundraising competitions! You could create teams by graduating class or decade and see who ends up raising the most money for your organization or for a specific educational initiative for your school.  This is a great way to get your alumni involved while supporting important causes.
  • Recorded messages: Have alumni send in recorded messages talking about their favorite high school memories, especially regarding homecoming, and share them on your social pages to help spread the excitement!

Looking for more ways to keep even your distant alumni involved around Homecoming season? Contact us at Alumni Nations!