The Program

Alumni Nations gets you going: 

  1. We conduct a planning survey to inform the strategy 
  2. Next we assist with strategy development and choose program area focuses
  3. Recommend an infrastructure for long-term sustainability
  4. Develop branding and a communications plan
  5. Establish database, website, and mobile presence
  6. Assist with recruitment and engagement of graduates and community supporters 

The National Alumni Institute keeps you going: 

The National Alumni Institute is where all Nations and their leaders come together to share best practices, participate in seminars and workshops, connect with a community of leaders in education and so much more. The National Alumni Institute will keep your nation performing at its best- learn more about the Institute here.

Annual membership includes: 

    • Database, website, and mobile platform
    • Program and campaign support
    • Seminars and workshops
    • Templates and content
    • Best practices sharing across the US
    • Conferences 

Start accessing your alumni's potential today!