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Finding Your Alumni

Alumni are your life-long fans, but finding them and updating their records can be difficult.  We help you to find your graduates,  update and append their records, and provide a database or CRM (community relationship management system) to help you to utilize the records, with robust social matching, tagging, and filtering.  We also provide a way for graduates to keep their data updated.

Engaging Your Alumni

Its important to understand what your Alumni are interested in and to provide an opportunity for them to connect and stay connected.  We help you to understand the demographics, communication methods, preferences, and areas of interest of your graduates.  We then help you to establish a strategy that brings together your needs with theirs.  We help you to develop an easy to manage communications plan and web presence to encourage engagement.  We also help you to establish an automated workflow so that you can track engagement and leverage technology to extend your capacity.  

In addition to workflow automation, our solution includes powerful member management, event's with RSVP and ticketing, donations and fundraising (no transaction fees), and communications with unlimited email sending.

Creating Support and Revenues

Most education groups are looking for mentors, volunteers, and revenues (directly or "yes" votes).  Whether its friendraising or fundraising, we help you to create a plan to accomplish your support and revenue goals.  Each plan is tailored to match your capacity and needs.  


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