Terms and Conditions 

  1. Eligibility: This program is open to current clients of Alumni Nations who are in good standing. Participants must be individuals who can legally enter into a contract. Employees of Alumni Nations and their family members may not be eligible to participate.
  2. Referral Submission: Participants must submit referrals through the designated Google Form provided by Alumni Nations. Each referral must include accurate and complete information for both the referrer and the referred potential client.
  3. Qualifying Referrals: A referral qualifies for the incentive only if the referred customer is not already in contact with Alumni Nations and has not been referred by someone else. The referred customer must make a purchase within a specified period from the referral date for the referral to be considered successful. The referred customer must purchase a full subscription of the Alumni Nations solution. This includes: Setup, Monthly Licensing and Records Fee. Those customers who only purchase access to NAI are not eligible. 
  4. Incentives: A $500 discount on the referrer's next renewal payment will be awarded for each qualifying referral that results in a new, paying customer for Alumni Nations. Incentives are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  5. Redemption: The incentive will be applied automatically to the referrer's account within a specified period after the referred customer's purchase has been confirmed. Alumni Nations reserves the right to verify the eligibility of the referred customer and the validity of the referral before issuing any incentive.
  6. Program Modification or Termination: Alumni Nations reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral program at any time, without notice. However, any referrals submitted before such modifications or termination will be processed according to the terms in effect at the time of the referral.
  7. Limitations: There is no limit to the number of referrals a participant can make, but incentives will only be awarded for qualifying referrals as determined by Alumni Nations in its sole discretion.
  8. Compliance: Participants must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The referral program is void where prohibited.
  9. Disputes: Any disputes related to the referral program will be resolved by Alumni Nations in a manner deemed fair, in its sole discretion.
  10. Privacy: Participation in the program constitutes an agreement to Alumni Nations' privacy policy, including the collection, use, and disclosure of participants' personal information as described therein.