We are so excited to announce our collaboration with the Nevada Association of School Administrators (NASA), Silver State Education Foundation (SSEF), and Alumni Nations: the Nevada Alumni Network!

The Nevada Association of School Administrators, Silver State Education Foundation, and Alumni Nations have joined forces to provide a comprehensive solution that connects high schools across the state with their alumni network. This innovative program aims to strengthen school communities, foster lifelong connections, and empower high schools through valuable resources and support.

Key features of the Alumni Website and Database Program include:

  • Alumni Website and Database: High schools participating in the program will gain access to a state-of-the-art alumni website and database. This platform will serve as a centralized hub for alumni information, allowing schools to stay connected with their graduates and facilitate networking opportunities.
  • Training and Best Practice Sharing: We understand the importance of effective alumni engagement strategies. Through our program, high schools will receive training and guidance on maximizing the potential of their alumni networks. Best practices will be shared, empowering schools to create impactful programs that benefit their alumni and current students.
  • Communications Plan: Communication is key to maintaining strong alumni relationships. Our program offers a comprehensive communications plan that includes regular updates, newsletters, and social media outreach. We will work closely with participating schools to develop communication strategies that enhance alumni engagement and keep them connected with their alma maters.
  • Fiscal Agency Services: As part of our commitment to supporting high schools, Silver State Education Foundation will act as the fiscal agent for schools that sign up for the program. This means that schools can leverage our expertise to manage financial transactions, grants, and donations on their behalf, streamlining administrative processes and allowing schools to focus on their core mission.

We believe that by connecting high schools with their alumni and providing them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support, we can create a lasting impact on education in Nevada. The Nevada Alumni Network is designed to foster a sense of community, strengthen school pride, and cultivate opportunities for mentorship and collaboration.

Contact our program coordinator at [email protected] to get started. To learn more download the program details here. 

Ready to sign up? Follow this link!