Creating Your Nation



A Nation is not built in a day. Through a multi-week process, Alumni Nations develops a strategy specific to your community and their needs in order to launch your Nation’s brand new web-platform.

To first find the right strategy for your Nation, we conduct an initial planning survey with alumni and other community constituencies to build your base and locate your target demographics. We analyze the collected data to create tailor-made focus areas for your Nation. These focus areas function as the backbone for the long-term sustainability of your Nation.



In order to engage with key community supporters, we develop a branding and communication plan. The generated interest helps to identify opportunities for revenue enhancement for your Nation. Through this survey work and data collection, we are able to build a database, website, and mobile presence that reflects the spirit of your Nation. After this, we help you in the final steps of recruiting and engaging with graduates, volunteers, and community supporters to launch the initial phases of your Nation.

To start building your Nation today or to receive more information, reach out to us here.