Alumni Nations helps you update and expand your online presence by creating an alumni database, customizing an email marketing campaign, and developing a captivating website.

What is a Nation?

Engaging with the wider community, we create an Alumni Nation that is built on students, parents, and enthusiastic members of the community. By generating additional funding, the potential for public schools is strengthened by the community. Using alumni database and alumni website software, each Nation strengthens its engagement by connecting with the community through unique branding.

Why do it?

When asked, 50 million high school graduates would give back to their school if asked. These alumni, along with the surrounding community, are great potential supporters when strategically targeted. We tap into the greater social wealth of your school by expanding beyond the alumni to other areas of the community that appreciate what your school provides. A Nation has the ability to reach out to parents and advocates in the community to grow strong and sustainable connections. Alumni Nations helps schools connect with their graduates and the community in powerful ways long after graduation.

How do we do it?

We find, connect and enroll an active community by identifying and engaging supporters through strategic surveys and data collection to form a sustainable and functional Alumni Nation database. By crafting a design that is unique to your Nation, you can immediately start reaching the people in your community. From the online world to right at home in your community, we create a branded presence that identifies and provides additional support for revenue, with the potential to expand into national endowments or major campaigns.